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Thermo Plug fix (v2)

In Hardware on Jan 26, 2011 at 00:01

Another day, another fix.

The Thermo Plug also had a problem with layout, as described in this weblog post a while back.

I’ve had a new batch of boards made which moves the thermocouple screw terminal slightly outwards to get it out of the way of the AD597 chip:

Screen Shot 2011 01 25 at 16.54.26

The sharp edges come from the fact that new plug designs are now placed differently on a panel, using routing along the longer side of the plugs.

All plug PCBs and all JeeNode types have boards using a “standard” 21.1 mm width. The new approach simply means that these widths are now more accurate – “across the board” one could say :)

I’ve also addressed the transistor pinout confusion by adding a “C” label next to where the collector pin is.

Again, small tweaks, but good to have them resolved. All Thermo Plugs sent out from now on will be this new “tp2” version (the old board has “tp1” on it).

Onwards, again!

  1. Nice, I think I’ll need one of those too…..

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