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OOK Murphy

In Hardware on Feb 8, 2011 at 00:01

Looks like there is a problem with the OOK 433 Plug

Here’s the transmitter I started out with:

Dsc 2455 2

Here’s the print layout I designed, based on that:

Screen Shot 2011 02 07 at 20.36.25

Everything worked fine. So I ordered larger quantities, to be ready for production. Here’s what I got in that new batch order:

Dsc 2455 3

Whoops… different unit!

Worse still, the original board had +, Gnd, Data as pins (as seen on the board layout), whereas the new boards have Data, Gnd, +, Antenna. It would be possible to cut the antenna pin off, but that’s not enough since the pinout is in fact reversed!

I’ve contacted the supplier. Let’s see how this goes. For the time being, I’m forced to take the OOK 433 Plug “off the shelf”. Sorry about that – please hang in there, also if you’ve already ordered this plug. Note that this only affects the 433 MHz transmitter – the 433 MHz receiver should work just fine.

  1. Could you not just turn the board upsidedown to get the pin order back?

  2. You cannot rely on cheap chinese stuff. One day it may exist, the day after may not.

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