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OOK fix

In Hardware on Feb 10, 2011 at 00:01

Here’s a great suggestion from Stefan Schulze (“kami” on the forum) for getting that wrong 433 MHz transmitter working with the OOK 433 Plug:

Img 5951


Img 5950

It requires some pin-bending, and you can attach an optional antenna, as he did.

I’m currently discussing option with the supplier to find a more “official” solution, but if you want to use the OOK plug right now, the above is definitely an option.

Thanks, Stefan!

Update – For everyone who received the OOK 433 Plug in its current form: I will send a solution out to everyone once it has been worked out. If you don’t need the TX side immediately, it might be an option to postpone soldering it until that solution is available.

Update #2 – Problem has been resolved, the OOK Plug is now supplied with the correct 3-pin transmitter.