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Meet the JeeNode SMD

In Hardware on May 4, 2011 at 00:01

After yesterday’s change of name, I’m pleased to announce a brand new member of the ever-expanding JeeNode family, the JeeNode SMD (aka NS1).

It’s a pre-assembled unit with SMD parts, and just some 6-pin headers you have to solder on yourself. Here’s a hand-soldered test unit with the port headers mounted sideways:

Dsc 2493

Here’s that same unit, seen from the bottom:

Dsc 2494

Sideways mounting adds a new option for using plugs, because this unit is flat enough to use upside down:

Dsc 2495

(Note: oops, that BUB needs to be flipped around!)

You don’t have to do it this way, and can of course just choose to mount the headers in the normal vertical orientation.

The main differences with the standard JeeNode Kit are:

  • on-board activity LED (same as JeeLink and JeeNode USB)
  • on-board reset button
  • pads for A6/A7 analog in, and the AREF pin
  • much flatter, fits in more places than the trough-hole kit
  • less soldering, just a few headers (so you get to choose their orientation)

Still the same as a JeeNode in most other respects, i.e. same size, same battery options, same FTDI connection to the outside world, and same RFM12B radio.

The Café page is here. Along with a page in the shop.

  1. I see, you were busy doing new designs. This is a really neat addition to the JeeLine. It provoked a mind storm of new combination possibilities in my mind … And all the places where it is possible to hide these ultra flat JeeNodes!

    The JeeNode SMD is already in the shop I remarked. But only as pcb or pre-assemble version. One of my favorite tasks in electronics is to solder challenging things… Do you think it is possible to also a JeeNode SMD non soldered version?

    • Me too! I love soldering things, even SMD things – only did my first SMD last year, the original JeeNode SMD, sorry SMDKit :-)

      I guess we could always order the PCBs from JC and then source the bits from (insert favourite component supplier here)?

  2. Hello, I would also like to see more SMD kits in a shop, and especially some minature versions of JeeNode SMD’s (i.e. just with 1 or 2 ports instead of 4…without ISP connectors or with RFmodule on back side of board). In any way, new products are always welcome, hope you will keep them coming.

  3. I hear ya, but it’s very hard to make this work in practice: creating a kit with SMD parts is actually more work than assembling a panel of JN SMD’s, so price-wise I simply can’t figure out how to do this.

  4. Wow, I wish I found the JeeNode before… it looks awesome. I was making a similar setup (RFM + AtTiny 2313) but I will be getting a bunch of these. Keeping everything within the Arduino toolchain will be great. Moving to a new apt and want to log & automate a few things :)

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