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JeeLink v3 w/ OptiBoot

In AVR, Hardware on May 16, 2011 at 00:01

Small changes. Previous, i.e. v2:

Dsc 2515

And here’s the new JeeLink v3:

Dsc 2516

The changes are mostly cosmetic and include a number of changes to simplify the assembly process. Some minor but oh so important tweaks to more accurately fit it in the case:

Dsc 2517

See those four tiny notches line up? Phew!

Two changes which will be more important for everyone using these:

  • The JeeLink v3 comes with the OptiBoot loader pre-installed, i.e. you need to select the “Arduino Uno” as board type when uploading sketches to it.

  • The on-board DataFlash memory has been increased to 16 Mbit. This fast SPI-connected permanent memory makes it possible to use a JeeLink for collecting even more data when the PC is off (but power has to remain, evidently). The RF12demo sketch has a FLASH_MBIT constant defined, it should be set to 16.

You can easily see which JeeLink you have by looking at the gold lettering on the back side.

Apart from that, nothing really changes. All JeeLinks sent out from now on will be this new v3 build.