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In Musings on Sep 1, 2011 at 00:01

Well, that was a pretty strange “break”, as far as summers go… mostly cloudy!

For the first half of the summer, I’ve learned to relax and not go online, even when at home. And for the second half, we’ve been going out, mostly short trips around the country – like a few days by train + bike in “Drenthe”:

And a quick trip to Paris:

Paris? Yes, that’s Paris. There’s a vineyard at the Montmartre, not far from the Sacré Coeur.

So is this:

Don’t believe me? Ok, here’s a more traditional image:

(all vacation pictures by Liesbeth, as usual)

Anyway, it’s good to be back. I’m looking forward to smell the solder fumes, burn my fingers, and see chips go up in smoke again – eh, something like that … ;)

  1. Welcome back jc! And welcome back 12 o’clock addiction for me :-(

  2. Welcome back!

    Back to the 11pm addiction for me :-)

    I really must time my Paris visits a little better, I still haven’t seen the annual beach and sand castles!

    Missed the Vineyard too, which would have been most welcome after walking up all those steps to the Sacré Coeur just to be told “No cameras”… Grrr.

  3. Welcome back! I’ve been missing my JeeLabs fix! And thank you for sharing your vacation pictures!

  4. Herzlich Willkommen zurueck und alles Gute, Gesundheit und Freude im Jeelab! Ich hatte den Blog vermisst … :-)

  5. Welcome back jcw! Looks like I had pretty much the same holiday as you did: first Drenthe (although I live there), then Paris (and south of france).

    Good to see you’re back. I am looking forward to seeing new stuff here!

  6. Eine erfreuliche Stimme taucht wieder aus dem Urlaub auf. Respekt zu der Online-Abstinenz. Wir geniesen jetzt wieder den neuen Blog.

  7. Welcome back, Nice to see you are oke and back.

  8. Welcome back jc! looks like you had a good time.

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