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ISP programmers

In AVR, Hardware on Jan 4, 2012 at 00:01

ISP (re-)programming is going to become more important in the future, so I’ve built a few more of these:

DSC 2844

The problem was to come up with a robust way to connect to the target board, but I think I’ve found a solution:

DSC 2843

Take a 4-pin header, slightly enlarge the holes in the plastic, and then gently-but-forcefully press a couple of Pogo pins in there. I’m using the type with a large head with sharp edges. Here’s the whole assembly:

DSC 2839

After that, it’s a matter of attaching all the wires and tying / glueing things together:

DSC 2841

These units are all refurbished ones with a defective radio, since that’s not needed here.

DSC 2840

The ZIP straps hold the battery and wires in place. The hot glue does the rest:

DSC 2842

These programmers are considerably more effective than you might think – tomorrow, I’ll explain why…

  1. Those pogo pins are just what I need for another project – where did you get them? Farnell don’t have anything when you search for “pogo”

  2. I like this, because it can be used with the standard ISP header footprint. I designed a similar ISP adapter a few months ago using the Staggered SOLO Stacker from AVX, but that requires a different footprint for the ISP header:

  3. Ah, found them in fanell – Connectors > Test > PCB Test Points, connector type = spring probe.

  4. They seem to fit so nicely in a header. Would you happen to know what diameter pogo pins they are?

  5. The ebay link above looks like they have a bigger end.

    Has anyone found any cheap ones more like the ones JCW used?

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