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Meet the RBBB Pro

In AVR, Hardware on Mar 5, 2012 at 00:01

The Real Bare Bones Board by Modern Device is a neat little Arduino clone (it was my inspiration for the JeeNode, in fact). The RBBB is easy to build, very small, and very popular, at JeeLabs as well.

Now, there’s also a ready-made “pre-assembled” 5V model, based on the SMD version of the ATmega328 which has two additional analog-in pins (note that they are not general purpose I/O pins!):

DSC 2936

Well labeled for use either way, and very convenient for breadboard use. Here’s the bottom view:

DSC 2937

The headers and DC power connector are included, but not soldered on – for maximum flexibility:

DSC 2938

Fully compatible with the RBBB, but considerably flatter if you omit the DC connector.

I’ve added it to the JeeLabs shop and it’s available now. It’ll probably be used in future projects here as well.

  1. It’s arduino compatible?

    It seems to be a Jeenode without the RF chip. Isn’t it?

  2. Interesting, but I think that functionally there is a lot of overlap with the existing RBBB and various types of JeeNodes. I would be more interested in a node that adds native USB support such as the Teensy/Teensy++ (see

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