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Component Tester quality

In Hardware on Jun 3, 2012 at 00:01

Will all this effort to create a good sine wave for use as Component Tester, and all the testing on it, I might as well put the CT to the test which started it all, i.e. the one built into my Hameg HMO2024 oscilloscope.

Nothing easier than that – just hook up a probe to the signal it generates on the front panel, and do an FFT on it:


(yeah, a green trace for a change – the other channels were tied up for another experiment…)

Ok, but not stellar: 1.6% harmonic distortion on the 3rd harmonic – more than with the Phase Shift Oscillator.

The frequency is also about 10% high, although that’s usually not so important for a Component Tester.

PS. The ∆L units should be “dB”, not “dBm” – Hameg says they’ll fix this oversight in the next firmware update.