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Murphy strikes the silkscreen

In Hardware on Dec 27, 2012 at 00:01

Uh, oh – silly mistake time! Here’s an excerpt of the new LED Node v2:

      TOP:   top       BOTTOM:   bottom

These are the top and bottom view of the FTDI connector in the middle of the board, flipped horizontally.

The bottom view has the “GND” label on the wrong pin!

Drat. Will do a re-spin with the corrected silkscreen, but the first few units will be like this so make sure you use the alignment shown on the top of the board.

The good news is that connecting the FTDI cable or BUB the wrong way is harmless.

  1. That’s why I made the FTDI as its own component having clearly marked GND end. In this way, silk layer is always correct and I even have pin names in schematics side, too, to avoid errors there!

    By the way, you have GNDX polygon which is not connected anywhere. Is this on purpose?

    • It’s a good idea to make components that way, but there’s not always room to put the silkscreen in the same way.

      As for the GNDX polygon … whoops, I think that’s a second mistake! But not to worry – there’s going to be a minor revision soon, to fix it all up.

  2. Here is my FTDI component:

    It is really nice that all Eagle’s files are now pure text files!

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