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RasPi RF schematic and PCB

The direct connection of an RFM69 radio module to a Raspberry Pi is so simple and convenient, that it really deserves a little PCB.

Since we still have room for second SPI device and some I/O pins, we might as well add a second type of radio on there – for “future expansion” as they say. Let’s add an RFM73 (or older RFM70), which is a 2.4 GHz module with somewhat less range but higher data rates:


Here is a corresponding board design of about 0.63″ x 2.00″:

Raspirf pcb

The section on the far right is reserved for the RFM70/73’s on-board antenna.

With just the RFM69CW mounted, it looks like this:

DSC 5088

The “R1” resistor can be 0 Ω or a short wire, the “C1” and “C2” capacitors can be omitted. These components were only included in the design in case signal reflections or supply decoupling would be an issue, but it looks like everything works fine without them.

All design files are available on GitHub.

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