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» Projects - covers topics I’m currently exploring (2021-2022)
» Older - describes some older projects I’ve worked on (2019-2020)
» Weblog - lists over 1700 articles published on this site (2008-2018)
» Download - has links to source code repositories and other files
» Shop - has details about where to get products designed by JeeLabs
» About - gives some information about me and this site

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Dec, 2022 – Added: simplicity rules the world, see this Minimal multi-tasking example
Nov, 2022 – Added: a deep dive into ARM architecture, with PendSV + SVC on Cortex M
Nov, 2022 – Added: taming the concurrency beast via a Device driver API in JeeH
Nov, 2022 – Added: message-based concurrency in a new Multi-tasking kernel design
Aug, 2022 – Added: looking into the (not so) TRIvial Portable Operating System
Jul, 2022 – Added: stepping into the past with a look at the BCPL language
Apr, 2022 – Added: C++ on bare metal, a different way to access µC hardware registers

Jan, 2022 – and are no more

These domains are no longer owned by me, and as with so many things on the internet … that opens up the floodgates to some idiotic stuff. In short: and its logo are the one and only “real” thing.