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This used to be the home of an active daily weblog. Those articles have now been archived with all the links mostly intact. What is listed in the sidebar consists of a variety of software, hardware, and electronics projects I’ve been tinkering with … and am still sort of working on. Driven by whatever currently piques my interest … there’s no strict order or timeline anymore.


Apr, 2023 – This website is shutting down. It has been a great journey: thanks and goodbye!
Mar, 2023 – Added: a diversion into an ancient programming language, Tilt Is Like TRAC
Mar, 2023 – Added: why stop at two attempts? Introducing JeeH version three
Feb, 2023 – Added: simulating an MMU on an ARM Cortex … which doesn’t have one
Feb, 2023 – Added: JeeH gains new flexibility with its loadable extension modules
Feb, 2023 – Added: VaryVec, a simple file format for storing variable-size byte objects
Jan, 2023 – Added: latest news about JeeH v2.0a2 (multi-tasker, QSPI, DMA-UART, …)
Jan, 2023 – Website: the sidebar has been reorganised to improve navigation

Jan, 2022 – and are no more

These domains are no longer owned by me, and as with so many things on the internet … that opens up the floodgates to some idiotic stuff. In short: and its logo are the one and only “real” thing.